If you've never heard of a consultancy referred to as a "boutique," it is a firm that specializes within either an industry vertical or a skill set horizontal, offering a unique and targeted service to their clients.

Working with an external services provider that is categorized as an "Analytics Boutique" will accelerate, and bring the highest value to your data and analytics programs for the following reasons: 

• Compared to massive global services providers, Analytics Boutiques have strong capabilities when clients have special considerations and specific requirements 

• Analytics boutiques have robust and proven data and analytics platforms, solutions, accelerators and frameworks to expedite implementations with a predictable and measurable “asset-based” consulting approach. 

• Innovation is in the DNA of these firms, meaning they work with emerging technologies and practices (Augmented Intelligence, Mixed Reality, Edge Analytics, etc.) and have them in their portfolio, which helps take their clients' projects to the next level by giving them cutting-edge tools. 

• On top of the deep expertise Analytics Boutiques have to implement technology, they also have in-depth knowledge in major domains such as Life Sciences, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Government, etc. to name a few. This allows them to administer business insights that help create successful strategies. 

You're one step closer to unleashing the full potential of your data. 

Download the Gartner report

Digital and technological disruption is changing the services market, where the role of consulting firms is key to accelerate the success of Data and Analytics programs.

This is how Gartner, a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 15,600 organizations in 100+ countries, introduces the "Market Guide for Data and Analytics Services Providers 2019." The report analyzed a total of 37 External Service Providers (ESP) with a proven track record of delivering successful analytics programs.

One of the key findings of the research is that not all providers have solid capabilities in all areas. Although massive global providers have the resources to scale up their services, Gartner suggests that specialized "boutiques" are preferable when clients have specific challenges and requirements.

Keeping the focus and passion for “Data As A Transformational Asset” for our clients has naturally turned us into a specialist boutique in Data & Analytics. This highlights our Mission and Vision, which both aim towards bringing the highest value for our clients in all the projects we pursue and to become Market Leaders around the Data Value Chain.

To learn more about accelerating the success of your data and analytics programs with external support, read the “Market Guide for Data and Analytics Services Providers 2019."

Download the Gartner report

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